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Fiesta Platter

Assorted Appetizers $44.95

Serves 8-10  (as appetizers)

  • 12 cheese quesadillas wedges
  • 6 chicken flautas (fried)
  • 6 mini-burritos

Includes guacamole, sour cream pico de gallo & homemade tortilla chips.

For mini-burritos, choose from chicken, steak, ground beef, al pastor or vegan

Quesadilla Tray

Cheese $34.95

Add Chicken or Steak $39.95

Serves 8-10 (as appetizers)

Includes 32 wedges of quesadilla.

Served with guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo.

Southwest Chopped Salad

Half Bowl (serves 20) $29.95

Full Bowl (serves 40) $49.95

Romaine lettuce, Chihuahua cheese, corn avocado, black beans, tomatoes & tortilla chips. Served with chopped bacon and homemade spicy ranch on the side.

Build Your Own Taco Bar


Steak: $10.95/pp

(10 person minimum)

The Fixings:

Corn tortillas, Chihuahua cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, cilantro, red salsa, and green salsa.

Includes Mexican rice & Refried beans

Choose Your Proteins:

Chicken, Steak, Picadillo, Al pastor and Vegan

Add Ons:

Guacamole: $1/pp
Chips and salsa: $1.25/pp
Chips and guacamole: $1.99/pp
Grilled Veggies: $1/pp

Party Packs ~ Group Meal Deals

Each party pack includes:

Mix & Match Tacos: Chicken, Steak, Picadillo, Al Pastor and Vegan

Sides: Mexican rice & refried beans

Served with: Homemade chips, guacamole, salsa roja & salsa verde for your group.

#1   8-10 people — $112.95

2 dozen tacos

#4   30-36 people — $399.95

7.5 dozen tacos

#2   12-15 people — $168.95

3 dozen tacos

#5   40-48 people — $532.95

10 dozen tacos

#3   20-24 people — $269.95

5 dozen tacos

#6   50-60 people — $664.95

12.5 dozen tacos

Taquiza’s ~ Summer Taco Party

You Host the Party, We Serve Everyone Delicious Tacos!

Taco Service for 35 People ~ $495

$145 for Each Additional Group of 10

Our taquizas include delivery & 3 hrs of service
(1 hour of setup and 2 hrs for meal service)

Your Party Will Include:

3 Choice of Meat: Chicken, Steak, Picadillo or Al Pastor

Grilled Veggies: Poblanos, Tomatos & Onions

Corn Tortillas, Homemade Tortilla Chips, Onion, Cilantro, Chihuahua Cheese, Pico de gallo, Red & Green Salsas, HOT! Habanero Salsa, Limes

Add Ons:

Guacamole: $21.95/ quart (serves 10)
Mexican Rice: $25.95/half pan (serves 25)
Refried Beans: $21.95/half pan (serves 25)
Southwest Chopped Salad: $29.95/half bowl ~ $49.95/full bowl
Churros: $24.95/dozen


1 gallon (128 oz) makes 10-16 cups

Jamaica: $20/gallon
Horchata: $25/gallon
Margaritas: $49/gallon
Sangria: $49/gallon

Individual Lunches

Sack lunch combo – $9.95/pp

Each meal includes a side of rice and beans, chips and red and green salsa and a Mexican dulce

Choose from the following meals :

2 tacos
2 mini burritos
2 tamales
1 sm quesadilla

Margaritas & Sangria

Serves 10-12

Margarita: Our classic lime margarita served on the rocks with lime salt & ice

Sangria: Homemade sangria served with fruit garnish & ice.

Breakfast Taco Bar


(10 person minimum)

Huevos (eggs with roasted poblano pepper, onion & tomato)

Mexican Rice & Refried Beans

The Fixings:

Corn tortillas, Chihuahua cheese, pico de gallo, red salsa & green salsa.

Add ons:

Guacamole: $1/pp

Bacon: $2/pp

Breakfast Tacos By The Dozen $


Individually wrapped and ready to eat. Served on corn tortillas.

Americano: fresh egg & applewood-smoked bacon with diced tomatoes & chihuahua cheese

Mexicano: scrambled eggs, pork chorizo, cilantro, cheese & onion

Rancheros: scrambled eggs, roasted tomato-guajillo salsa & chihuhua cheese

Breakfast Burrito $


Eggs, refried beans, potatoes, tomato, onion, cilantro & cheese wrapped in a 10″ flour tortilla. Add chorizo or bacon, $0.50

Breakfast Beverages

$24.95 per gallon

Coffee: Coffee served with cream and sugar

Cafe De Olla: Authentic coffee that smells and tastes like Mexico; flavorful and spiced with our secret ingredients

Juice: Fresh squeezed orange juice


Churros by the dozen ($24.95 per dozen): our homemade Mexican crullers, a classic Mexican pastry

Fresh fruit platter ($39.95): A sampling of the freshest fruit of the season. Serves 15-20

TACOS $34.95/dozen

Steak & Fish $39.95/dozen

Chihuahua cheese, fresh cilantro and onion on corn tortillas.

Choice of: Steak, Picadillo, Al Pastor, Chicken, Vegan & Fish

MINI-BURRITO $34.95/dozen

STEAK $39.95/dozen

Chihuahua cheese, fresh cilantro, onion, and sour cream wrapped in flour tortillas.

Choice of: Steak, Picadillo, Al Pastor, Chicken & Vegan.

TAMALES $34.95/dozen

Each handmade tamale is wrapped in a corn husk.

Pork, Vegan (black bean & spinach), and Tamal Oaxaqueno (made with chicken, and wrapped in banana leaf)

ENCHILADAS $59.95/pan

$69.95/pan with Chicken or Pork

Serves 8-10. Topped with homemade salsa verde and Chihuhua cheese. Choose between: Chicken, Cheese, Pork Carnitas. Each pan includes sour cream on the side.


Serves 16-25 people. Traditional Mexican side-dish made with pinto beans and prepared in a vegetarian-friendly manner.


Serving 16-25 people. Traditional side dish made with tomato and spices.

HOMEMADE GUACAMOLE Pint $11.45, Quart $21.95

Pint recomended for 5 people. Quart recommended for 10 people.

FRESH SALSA Pint $2.95, Quart $5.95

Red Guajillo & Green Tomatillo salsas.

Pint recomended for 10 people. Quart recommended for 20 people.

CORN, BLACK BEAN & AVOCADO RELISH Pint $7.95/ Quart $19.95

Pint recomended for 5 people. Quart recommended for 10 people.

PICO DE GALLO Pint $2.95, Quart $5.95

Pint recomended for 10 people. Quart recommended for 20 people.

SOUR CREAM Pint $5.95, Quart $10.95

Pint recomended for 10 people. Quart recommended for 20 people.


Serves 15.

DESSERTS $15.95/dozen

Choose from: Homemade brownies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Magic Bars, Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes or Vegan Cookies & Cream Cupcakes

CHURROS $24.95/dozen

HORCHATA (RICE WATER) $25.00/gallon

Serves 12-15


Serves 12-15


Per bottle. Pineapple, Lime or Mandarin.


Per bottle.


Per bottle.


Per can.

As a general guide, the recommended quantity per person is 2-3 tacos/mini-burritos/tamales. However, this can change depending on side dishes, the time of the event, and other factors. Please call us to discuss.

  • Catering orders require 24-hour advance notice.
  • $25 transportation fee for all delivery orders.
  • No transportation fee for pick-up orders.
  • Disposable tableware available: .75 per person.