Flacos Tacos is more than just an authentic Mexican experience.

We aren’t the fanciest taquería in town. “Hip” isn’t even part of our vocabulario. Flaco’s Tacos just knows good, simple Mexican food: tacos, burritos, tamales, tortas y quesadillas. Nada más. We also know “fresh & homemade”. We don’t take short-cuts. That’s why you can see right into our kitchens. We are preparing everything fresh daily.

The same traditional foods and drinks we have in México, and even in the Little Village and Pilsen neighborhoods right here in Chicago, we bring to you. We’ll even get on our bicicletas and bike it to your home. Then you don’t have to miss a second of your favorite telenovela…Plus we only use green, bio-degradable, or recyclable packaging. That way we are not adding to the land-fill with so much waste. That makes us (and you) muy felíz!

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See what others have to say about us

“For a good fish taco in the city, I would also recommend Flaco’s Tacos in Printer’s Row. A bit healthier, thanks to grilling, and the chipotle mayo gives them a rich, spicy kick in the pants.”

“Homemade is the mantra at Flaco’s Tacos: from chips to red and green salsas. Even the guacamole is hand-mashed, giving it just the right texture. Much of the inspiration comes from the cooks.”

“They know enough to let one of the Hackney’s cooks, Mexico native Genaro Villa, run their new South Loop taqueria Flaco’s Tacos (Flaco is a common nickname meaning Skinny).”

As Don Quixote once said, ‘El hambre es el major salsa.’ (‘Hunger is the best sauce.’) If we still haven’t made you hungry, click here to read more.

Flacos is a familyrun company that prides itself in providing great opportunities for its team. Fill out an application today!

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